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Useful Links

The Show!!

Previously our show was available on 4oD (Channel 4 on Demand) and on YouTube, but unfortunately it no longer seems to be showing. We were Episode 3 in Series 5. It's worth checking these links ... just in case:

THE SHOW! ... A Place in the Sun - Puglia (featuring us and the apartment)

THE SHOW! ... A Place in the Sun - Puglia (featuring us and the apartment)


The following is an article about Galatina from the American travel website More Time to Travel:

Discovering Galatina: A Little Italian Town With a Lot of Tradition


There are a number of reasonably priced airlines that fly from the UK to Puglia (Bari or Brindisi Airports). These include (but are not restricted to) the following:





For train times and prices please go to:

www.ferroviedellostato.it (used to be Trenitalia)

or for local bus and train services, try:


An Airport Shuttle service is also available from Brindisi Airport to anywhere in the Salento Peninsular (please note that the cost of the journey should be confirmed before travel). Further details can be found on the following website:


The Puglia Airport Bus may also be of interest:


Some useful information for those of us not used to driving in Italy. Invaluable help and advice on the rules, road signs and parking. Although Italians have a bad reputation for their driving, it really isn't so difficult in Puglia. The roads are good and, in my view, driving is really less about the road rules, and more about a sense of humour and using your common sense.

Nick Booths Driving in Italy

Example Car Hire Insurance companies, or "Excess Reimbursement Insurance" for those wanting to avoid the high excess charges that car rental companies charge. Many other companies also offer this insurance.

www.insurance4carhire.com or www.intasure.com

Property Developer / Renovator

The people responsible for the stunning renovation of our palazzo can be contacted via their website. Puglia Estates specialises in the renovation of beautiful baroque properties in the historical centres of the towns of Southern Puglia. To find out more, click on the link below:


All Things Puglian

The following links are for people interested in finding out more about Puglia. There are forums, classifieds and general information about travel, food, drink, weather, where to visit, etc.


I found The Complete Guide to the Salento in a small shop in Galatone (Via Leuzzi) and I thoroughly recommend getting a copy. In my view, it includes much more useful information than the rough guides on the local food and drink, fiestas, hidden beaches and it includes lots of hikes and coastal walks. Unfortunately, the original link doesn't appear to work and I can no longer find reference to this specific book, however it was produced by Qui Salento so those of you who speak better Italian than me, may find the following link useful.

www.quisalento.it - Qui Salento


www.wunderground.com - Includes historical weather data for the area.

Useful Forums:

Article from The Mail about Lecce, Gallipoli and "unmissable" Galatina (Aug 2009).

"Helen Mirren may have discovered Lecce in southern Italy but - thankfully - the rest of the world hasn't..."

Article from The Mail about Amanda's place in nearby Nardo ... and more (April 2009).

"I'm advising people how to leave Britain, but I'm happy to stay put, says Amanda Lamb"

Article from Italy Magazine (June 2009).

"Three of the best ... beaches in Puglia"

Article from The Independent (June 2008).

"The Complete Guide To: Puglia"

A Place in the Sun

Information about "A Place in the Sun" TV show and A Place in the Sun Live (the property exhibition):

Channel 4's A Place in the Sun website

Our episode:

Channel 4, Series 5, Episode 3 or YouTube - A Place in the Sun - Puglia

Other Links

Please find below some other links that you may find interesting ... or even useful:

Escape to Italy's self-catering holiday home on HomeAway.co.uk

A fabulous 1 bedroom apartment in the beautiful village of Perast, Montenegro.

info@escapetoitaly.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)7870 947697